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  1. And while you're add it would be lovely if you can also let me know how you can make the space between price and size smaller on mobile only. Would be such a great help!! Thank you in advance
  2. @tuanphanwhat great help! Thank you lots! Can you let me know how I do this too for the size selection? I assume I just need to switch "number" but when I enter "size" instead it doesn't do the trick. Thank you lots!
  3. @tuanphanThanks for responding. I believe though when using a code block, you can only have one markdown block, as otherwise it does not work for multiple blocks. I want multiple dropdown though. I do not want to use any plugins if possible, so I would like to focus on the code 🙂 Again, thank you.
  4. Hey there, thanks for helping me out! I saw many people had this issue, but though reading the comments it did not become clear to me which solutions worked. -for me nothing worked- I am trying to achieve the following: - Creating accordions in the product description (similar to here: https://www.net-a-porter.com/en-us/shop/product/philosophy-di-lorenzo-serafini/double-breasted-houndstooth-cotton-blazer/1299457) --> they should come right after the product description, before size selection (it is important though that this also looks proper on mobile). - These accordio
  5. @divar would you mind posting the code that worked for you in the end? I am very interested in solving this as well! Thank you lots in advance
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