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  1. I also don't have an option to edit the secondary settings... not sure why that is.
  2. Hi Derrick, thanks for the response. I'm not sure what you are talking about. When I go to edit the summary block, I don't have an option for the location. I have the option to change the category to above the title, but I do not have the choice to move the excerpt there. Am I not seeing something? Thank you!!
  3. Hi Paul! I just actually sorted it out. But if you want to see, it's at the bottom of of this page: https://kassidysherburne.squarespace.com/journal-see-all
  4. Site URL: https://kassidysherburne.squarespace.com/journal-see-all Essentially, I'm looking to order the metadata on a summary blog to: Excerpt Blog Title Category Is this possible?
  5. Site URL: http://www.kassidysherburne.squarespace.com I created a page with border boxes around each image item, and it's just a bit cumbersome to hand off to a client. I am hoping to find a way to recreate that but with a summary block, so that it will basically auto-populate. I have attached an image of what I have now and what I am basically hoping to achieve with a summary block. Does anyone know any code for this? I keep striking out. It would repeat on several pages also. If you need to access the website, you can see it at http://www.kassidysherburne.squarespace.com using password: hello. It's a brine template.
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