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  1. I think I figure it out! Thanks a lot again🤗
  2. Thanks a lot! If I use another template - e.g. Bedford? Tried the same code there - but it didn´t respond.
  3. Site URL: https://kumquat-megalodon-cade.squarespace.com/config/ HI! Making a website for a klient who would like to have a small overlap of the logo in the Header. The logo will be placed a bit above the image below. Is that possible with some code? This is a sketch to show what I try to explain. Maybe a bit more further down than the sketch showing. Thanks a lot for any help🙏🏼 I also struggle with to line height on just Heading 1. without breaking the line height on all of the other headings. I should probably search for another template that gives me more freedom. Any suggestion of temp
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