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  1. Thanks, but it shows 4 galleries, then goes to a white background only and just hangs there..
  2. here's a link: https://burgundy-crocodile-b8d5.squarespace.com/config/settings
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering if it's possible for the Forte template to display only the first 3 galleries on home page slider, but keep the all the galleries in the drop-down under "Work"?
  4. Hi Creedon, It's all on the same account/admin area. I'm really confused and exasperated with this situation. I need a step by step on how to do this. How does she cancel this second site, the 7.1 version, keep her existing site going for now, and grab a new 7.0 version??? Thanks, Sarah
  5. Hello everyone, I have a client who's got an existing SS site that needs to stay live till we get the new site completed here on SS. Client mistakenly purchased the 7.1 version to build the new site, but she actually needs the old 7.0 version to get the exact right template (no time to try and recreate this template with 7.1). How does she do this? How to delete the 7.1 new account, keep the current site up and running, and simultaneously grab a new 7.0 type of account? Thanks, Sarah
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