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  1. Thanks creedon. I have attached 2 images: 1) The first is of the web page with a draft product page 2) The second is of the testimonials I would like to add in a box along the bottom of the screen I can't see any way to add a box with text in it. Only more products... I would also like to add some text along the right hand side of the screen with 'About the Author' I'd appreciate any ideas. www.ipsynergy.co.nz
  2. Site URL: http://www.ipsynergy.co.nz Hi I am adding a product page to our website and would like to add some text on the page that has nothing to do with the products (I want to add testimonials). Does anyone know how to add a text box to the products page. It's not an option like it is on the other pages. Thanks in advance for your time. MIOX
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