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  1. So basically what are you saying is switch platforms if you want a website that performs better. 🙂
  2. Hey, I could not make it look the way I wanted, so I have changed my approach. Thank you!
  3. Site URL: https://adictcreative.com Hey guys, is there any CSS that can push my full bleed image on mobile behind the MENU text with no white space? Or centralize the word MENU as it is currently at the bottom of the white margin seen on my website. Thanks in advance!
  4. Or getting rid of the white nav bar and padding would be even better! Just to have the MENU text over the image. The image to go up to the top of the screen.
  5. Hey guys, Thank you so much for the code! I have gone ahead and used the code for 7.0. All went well, but the word MENU is a bit too low. I need to centre up/down and can't find anything that works. Tried margin, top/bottom. page: https://adictcreative.com This is the code I am using now: button.Mobile-bar-menu { visibility: hidden; } button.Mobile-bar-menu:after { visibility: visible; content: "MENU"; font-family: proxima-nova; font-weight: 200; letter-spacing: 2px; color: #4B4B4B; font-size: 20px; }
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