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  1. Site URL: https://www.transead.org/ I am new to Squarespace, but have used other website hosting programs before and have been very disappointed with the lack of tools square space actually has in comparison to other websites. While the website claims to be easy enough for anyone to figure out, it seems you can't actually do much unless you have skills in coding. There are less than 50 blocks to chose from. Half of them I do not need and the ones I do need, don't exist while other websites have hundreds to blocks to chose from, and even more that you can pay for if need be. I cannot make a table of contents Despite spending time googling and looking through forums, coding doesn't work. Other websites have this option already built in so all headings automatically are added. Why can't Squarespace do it? I cannot chose the font, size, or color of my text. You get the choice of heading 1,2,3,4 and paragraph 1,2,3. that's it. you can't edit the size anymore. In fact, the tool bar for this forum HAS the options I want/need. Why is it different between the website and forum? Do more blocks exist? Do i have to pay for them? where can I find more blocks? if they don't exist, why? How can I get the things I want/need for my website?
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