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  1. Hi. That removes it at the top but not the bottom. I want the product at the top (large and first thing) but not in the list of products right under it. Is that possible?
  2. There is no option to do that. It simply says "manage items" but the individual items are not blocks. Can I add them one at a time but have the hover effect with the second image showing?
  3. Is there a CSS code that I need to enter or what can be done? I tried using categories and tags but that didn't do a thing.
  4. Site URL: https://ranunculus-pelican-3cwl.squarespace.com/ Can you please tell me how to remove the 7 day challenge product from the products below that main item at the top? It should show just the 4 other products below. But it isn't allowing me to choose what is displayed only to actually delete items. https://ranunculus-pelican-3cwl.squarespace.com/store "newsite" - password
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