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  1. Hello everyone! I hope this request for help is easy to understand, I feel there's a lot to try explain! Long Version I am building a Squarespace site with the main intention of running a Blog. My blog will have 6 categories. I'm happy for the main Blog page to show all categories posts and act as the main place people can view all descending by most recent first . However, I would really like each category to have it's own 'page'. I want to create a custom header with text for each category, I know Squarespace already allows visitors to see category posts grouped together, by clicking on the category name above each post, however this method keeps the visitor inside the Blog page, so the Blog header is still what's appearing above the category posts. I thought the way around this would be to create a Blank Page for each category, and use a summary block. However I'm noticing there is a limit of posts a summary block will show (30). The number of blog entries I upload to my site as I use it are bound to exceed 30. What is my way around this dilemma? Short Version How can I create a summary block with unlimited posts? If this is to be the best way to allow my categories to have their own lovely personal pages. Thank-you in advance for any input or advice. Just before posting this I have found the "Lazy Summaries" plugin, but I'd like to still ask the community just in case there is a free solution 😚
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