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  1. Hey, thanks for reaching out! Oh wow, I didn't know that it could take so many as 40 on the portfolio page. However, I think I haven't explained it clear enough, oops: I would like to have the coded button that comes with the Zion template (which can be seen in the screenshot "Architecture & Lifestyle") to recreate that onto a blank page, separate from the beginning portfolio page. I mentioned "Projects", because I have a page called "Projects", maybe the reason for the unclearness, my bad. Is it in any way possible to recreate the custom button? Again, thanks for the quick reply and am looking forward to your answer!
  2. Site URL: https://www.tamshots.com/ Hey, I have used the "zion" template which is great. When you navigate on the homepage to "Portraits & Fashion" > scroll down > you are able to clickthrough to the next pages with the custom button that comes with the template. I love the looks of it and want to have those same buttons as well on my "Projects" page in the bottom. I have tried to recreate the portfolio homepage, but couldn't make that happen. Now I am fine with how my project page looks, the only thing missing are those same custom buttons as mentioned before. Would be awesome if someone is able to help me with this topic, thanks in advance!
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