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  1. The page is https://www.glamgirlbeautyco.com/fashion-find-outfit-of-the-week I would like "shop this look"/ read more button to show without the excerpt showing. Right now, when I enter the code } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link { display: block!important; } It allows me to check the "show read more link" without checking the "show excerpt" but when I click it, nothing happens. Also if possible I would like the button to be centered under the summary image instead of the the left. I currently have this code- .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link { font-size: 0; } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link::before { content: "Shop The Look"; font-size: 20px; } /* Button Styling for read more link */ .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link { margin-top: 6px; border-width: 5px; border-style: solid; padding: 13px 13px; max-width: 250px; background-color: #fff; color: #fff; } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link:hover { background-color: #171717; color: #fff; } .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link { display: block!important; }
  2. I'm trying to do something similar. The button code worked great for me, but the code for forcing the read more link/button without the excerpt isn't working. The read more box is showing without having to check the excerpt box, but after checking it, it's still not showing up for me. And if possible, I would also like to know how to customize the text in the button to say "shop the look" and to center the button more.
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