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  1. hello guys, i used the following code and seemed to have solved the problem: .sqs-block-html a { text-decoration: none !important; } #footer-sections a { background-image: none !important; }
  2. hello there, just wondering if there would be a way to embed facebook live streaming on squarespace website which it would update automatically everytime when there is a live? thanks!
  3. hello all, im looking for a way to ONLY modify the body font sizes in mobile view of template 7.1, keeping the nav bar and footer's font size unchanged. is that possible? thanks in advance!
  4. hi there, anyone knows if there is a way to embed youtube live streaming on squarespace site? work as: when theres a live stream on the channel > website will update and play automatically thanks in advance!
  5. sorry i missed your comment but i just solved the problem. thanks tons!
  6. @tuanphan I have the same problem. Would appreciate with some help, thanks in advance!!
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