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  1. Hi, can anyone offer assistance to help remove the grey padding in the carousel on mobile? Attached a screenshot/web dev link in URL. It seems even when you take the media width to 100%, you are still left with space on either side of a 1:1 image. Ideas? Thank you in advance.
  2. Thanks @tuanphan Got it working, much appreciated
  3. Step 1. I guess, so I hide image with this @tuanphan ? #block ID { display: none; } Step 2. how do I make the image appear on hover?
  4. Can you upload the code here? Just following on from your previous message @tuanphan
  5. Hi I'm struggling to find how to reveal a thumbnail image when you hover over a piece of text. This is the page link. https://www.abcdefghuman.com/special-projects Example how someone achieved the effect > https://tympanus.net/Development/RapidImageHoverMenuEffects/index2.html Appreciate any support from the forum experts.
  6. Thank you @tuanphan, that seems to work ok. Much appreciated.
  7. Oops... Here you go @tuanphan https://www.abcdefghuman.com/test-page
  8. HI @tuanphan the code works great but since trying to build out I'm now getting a massive bleed below the embedded content block. Attached a pic of the white space and a link. Thoughts? https://tortoise-cricket-r3r3.squarespace.com/config/pages
  9. Hi, I'm struggling with my first attempt at plugging a basic Codepen design into a SS html block. I read I need to enter the html followed by the CSS followed by the JS in the sequence [below] but I cannot get it to work. What I am getting is a single image opposed to the more effective showreel. Appreciate any suggestions, advice or for someone to have a go generating what I need form the codepen link below. HMTL> HTML code here > CSS <style> CSS code here JS </style> <script src="https:e”sources> JS code here </script> Here is the design link > https://codepen.io/vadymhimself/pen/eYmRMOX Thank you in advance.
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