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  1. @tuanphan I managed to fix the spacing on the desktop version. Mobile version has too much blue above the Joey Stephens Music signature. Ideas?
  2. @tuanphan would you be able to take a look at my website. Both the desktop AND mobile background image are now off. This happened after I added the 2 buttons above that background image. Any css to help with this? Thanks! www.joeystephensmusic.com
  3. @tuanphan My URL is www.joeystephensmusic.com. I added your code to make the "Booking" folder clickable in desktop view. So, now I would like the "Booking Info" link under that folder to ONLY appear in the Mobile View, as it is repetitive on the desktop view("booking" goes to booking page and "booking info" also goes to booking page). I'd like my Desktop View to look like... Booking - Client List - Bio ...the mobile view is fine as is... Booking Info Client List Bio
  4. Site URL: https://www.joeystephensmusic.com I see a lot of youtube videos and blogs stating that changing an image title in squarespace in benficial for SEO purposes. All of these videos and tutorials seem to be done in 7.0. Can you change an image title in 7.1? Any help is appreciated! Joey
  5. Is it possible to move the arrows immediately below the product image on Desktop AND Mobile view? If so, can the arrows be positioned closer together? And, lastly, is it possible to add a background color to the arrows? Gray? Thanks @tuanphan.
  6. Thanks @paul2009! Appreciate you!
  7. @tuanphan Hi Tuan! I used your awesome CSS for creating Carousel Arrows on my Mobile View. This is the code is used... /* Product slide arrows control */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .ProductItem-gallery-carousel-controls { display: flex !important; } /* arrows background */ .ProductItem-gallery-carousel-controls * { background: white; } .ProductItem-gallery-carousel-controls>div { justify-content: center !important; } } 1. I'd like to make those arrows slightly bigger and thicker. Ideas? 2. I'd like to have the same arrows on my desktop view as well. Is there a CSS for that too? joeystephensmusic.com Thanks! Joey
  8. @paul2009 Thanks! Is there a way to just set my SEO settings to "know" that I want google to populate my main website name "Joey Stephens Music?" I'm a total fish at this as you can tell. THe reason why i ask for a different solution is, 1. THeres not much to add to my home page in regards to text 2. Not sure how to rename my images without chaning the names off the website then reuploading them to the website, which is not worth the effort to me. 3. THe site desciption is about as straight forward as it can be at this point. THoughts? Joey
  9. @paul2009 1. Right now the code I have is only adding arrows to my mobile view. Is there a way to add arrows the the desktop view also? Current CSS: /* Product slide arrows control */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .ProductItem-gallery-carousel-controls { display: flex !important; } /* arrows background */ .ProductItem-gallery-carousel-controls * { background: white; } .ProductItem-gallery-carousel-controls>div { justify-content: center !important; } } 2. Also, I am interested in a similar arrow style like the described in the original post here. Can I have black arrows with a white or grey background? joeystephensmusic.com password: helpneeded
  10. @paul2009 joeystephensmusic.com password: helpneeded : )
  11. "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" Worked perfectly. Thank you!
  12. @edharris Could use your expertise here. When I search "joey stephens music" or "joey stephens" in google, my "About" page populates(see image attached), rather than my "Home" page or, what I would like to populate, just my generic website "Joey Stephens Music" which when clicked would ideally take you to my home page. I've setup my google search console. I've checked my SEO settings. Feel free to reiterate both those steps in detail(maybe I missed a step) or offer other possible solutions. Any advice would be massively helpful! Thanks! Joey
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