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  1. No I added Screenshots as a workaround. It's fine but the quality isn't as good as with real text. I'd still love for the text in the pictures to just be independently of each other top aligned so that headlines and bodies start at their own fixed height. I left a version with both the screenshots and the real text here: https://flatworm-bird-bx27.squarespace.com/home2 PW: 1
  2. Site URL: https://flatworm-bird-bx27.squarespace.com Hi, I want to align the text in my pictures always to the left and top, so that the titles and subtitles always start at the same height as in Screenshot 1. Right now, everything seems to be center focused and so, depending on screen size, it has titles and subtitles start uneven. Is there a way to fix this? Website is: https://flatworm-bird-bx27.squarespace.com PW: 1 Thanks in advance for your help! Best Marius
  3. Thanks for the help @IXStudio, almost perfect! This code changes it for all pages though. I would love that it only stays see through at the top of the "Home" Page. I tried adding it in the custom CSS section for just this page but that doesn't seem to work. Is it possible to have the header only on one page see thru and "normal" on all others?
  4. Hey @tuanphan, I'm trying to make the header transparent on the Homepage but only while staying at the top where the picture is visible. Afterwards it's supposed to take a certain color. However, on the other pages I want it to take a predefined color. I'm using the Almar template. https://flatworm-bird-bx27.squarespace.com pw: 1 Hope that makes sense and thanks in advance for your help!!
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