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  1. Hey, Yes, this looks like what I would like. However, that code didnt work on my end...
  2. Site URL: https://www.decoratedwolves.com/ Hi, I'm looking to centre-align my gallery in rows of 3 when on desktop view in particular. Can someone please help? Also, is it possible to alter the size of the gallery images? https://www.decoratedwolves.com/ Cheers Steve
  3. Hey, I ended up changing templates. Thanks anyway.
  4. Hi, Can someone please tell me how to adjust the opacity of gallery background you can see in the attachment? Also, is it possible to move the naviagation to the top of my site rather it being in the footer? Thanks Steve
  5. Just tried the code, and although it makes the second image the correct height, it now hides the sides of the image. Is there a way for both height and width to be 100%? Steve
  6. Hey, Thanks! Can the code be used on this page alone or does it go across the whole site? Steve
  7. Site URL: https://www.decoratedwolves.com/cult-heroes Hey, Just wondering if someone can help with an image constraint/aspect ratio issue I'm having? I have 3 images, all the same height, but one with larger width. Is there a way to get rid of the constraint so they all remain the same height when viewing on desktop? The page in question > https://www.decoratedwolves.com/cult-heroes Thanks Steve
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