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  1. Support this. It's very odd how SS doesn't have a basic file management system while the competitors all have it. @derricksrandomviews I -and probably most other ppl- would prefer have a limited storage space what I can use properly instead of the unlimited storage where I can't find any of my files.
  2. End of 2021 is near and Squarespace still unable to provide any kind of file management system. In my library section some of my images are displaying 5 versions and half of my uploaded images are not even there.....😐 Definitely not going to renew my subscription if this incredibly basic function won't be implemented. I think I'm not alone with this.
  3. I understand, but let me put it this way: imagine having a computer with unlimited storage capacity but not being able to have any folders, everything(hundreds or thousands of files) are in one place. It would be very difficult to find anything. This lack of organisation is very annoying because squarespace otherwise is the best website builder I have ever used (especially after the new templates rollout). Hope this can be fixed in the future.
  4. No advantages of having control over our own files? Files have to be smaller - uploading huge files equals longer loading times. Storage problems - again slow loading time with huge files, or if you have many images good luck managing or finding them without a management system. If someone accidentally hit delete and them accidentally hit confirm.... well that person is a moron. All this is just an excuse for lazy coding, bad management. It's ridiculous not to be able to delete or at least organise imported files at all.
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