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  1. Thanks! This worked, however I do not see the "next comment" for the other images. I appreciate all the help!
  2. Thanks! On the "About us" page there are 2 more images as you scroll down. On the "Arboriculture" page the sliding gallery at the top of the page is cropped as well as on the "saw-milling" and "contact" page. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Thank you!!! I just tried this today and it fixed the the first image on the "About" page but as I scroll down the other images are still cropped as well as the images on my other pages. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I am having the same issues with my page. All gallery images contained on the index page are cropped when viewed on mobile. Have tried copy pasting the different css codes without any results. Using the Mojave template. capitaltimbercompany.ca/about-us Thanks in advance!
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