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  1. I have tried this method too. This works only on a new page. Does gallery page doesn't support it?
  2. Hi, I have uploaded couple of Vimeo videos on my gallery page. Is it possible to autoplay and loop videos without having to click on "play" button?
  3. This is really frustrating. I bought Vimeo PRO account especially for this feature and only to learn that Squarespace's banner videos are incompatible with mobile devices. Mobile fallback image does not support videos and if i upload .GIF's, they look very low res and choppy on mobile. Plus they are quite big in size compared with videos. Is there any solution?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I think Lightbox Anything will work in this case. Will check it out!. I have one more issue, for some reason, videos are not showing on the mobile. Previously, they used to load up just fine on mobile. Lately i am only able to see a white screen. Have tried on different mobiles too..Same problem. https://artmultiply.com/ Website is working perfectly on desktop though. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Is there any alternate way to view images in full screen mode? These are all computer generated images and any viewer would love to see more details.
  6. Site URL: https://artmultiply.com/work Hi, I recently finished my website and was wondering if there's any way to view images on gallery page in full screen mode when mouse hovers over it like lightbox mode? https://artmultiply.com/work I have read this template does not support lightbox. Any alternate methods which may work? Thanks!
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