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  1. Site URL: https://grapefruit-grapefruit-423g.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi I am trying to add some custom css to my site. I have a specific section on the homepage Im trying to do so in and am having trouble figuring it out as im not a programmer. I am following this tutorial to no avail and and any help would be appreciated. https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/animated-gradient-backgrounds-in-squarespace Here is the CSS I have so far... #data-section-id="6004d985825cad7378ace840" { .css-selector { background: linear-gradient(270deg, #5eb7b4, #7f5bd2, #b7ca61);
  2. I'm currently trying and failing to add a hover state to my summary block carousel(7.1). Id really like the title and date to appear on hover over the image. Ive seen it done on other square space sites with CSS, but need some help. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi @bangank36 Im trying to apply this to my site as well(to display events) but it does not seem to work. Could you assist me by any chance? Thanks!
  4. Hi @tuanphan Im having the same issue as above. Could you help please? I'd vertically center the navigation headers and the buttons as well. Did you ever find a solution?
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