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  1. Hi! I also have the same issue despite trying the above solutions. Can someone help me? I'm looking to move the "Instructions" and "Ingredients" up so that there isn't an awkward space in between Ingredients and Add to Cart. Here is the link to my site: https://www.eatgrumpyginger.com/shop-1/p/stanton-recipes-ed-1-ewplm-tnc4l Thank you in advance for the help!!
  2. Hi, I have some questions around padding for version 7.1: How do I reduce the space between the site header and my product? How do I reduce the space between Quantity and Add to cart? I'd also like to move up the drop downs I created of 'ingredients' and 'instructions' under product additional information to be in line with the product description instead of having it distinctly below. Thank you so much for the help!
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