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  1. Site URL: https://muehlhof-2.squarespace.com Hello Community, I want different style in gallery on my mobile view. So I have stacked Gallery in Split Sections on Desktop Screen with sticky Text. But on Mobile Screen it's to long to scroll... So I want to change Style of Stacked Gallery into a Grid Gallery with css or some coding Is this posssible? Please can someone help me
  2. I fixed it, yes! and, yeah i want to fix it. You have any Ideas?
  3. Site URL: https://mika.squarespace.com/team Hello Community, I have big troubles to code, two Pictures/Images in a row on Mobile view. I just want to but 2 pics side by side for easy reading viewing as an attachment a screenshot I used this Code; but not really worked @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { #page-6010255c6565ff22f92ee0c3 > .row:nth-child(1) .sqs-col-4, #page-6010255c6565ff22f92ee0c3 > .row:nth-child(2) .sqs-col-4, #page-6010255c6565ff22f92ee0c3 > .row:nth-child(2) .sqs-col-4, #page-60
  5. Site URL: https://mika.squarespace.com/projekt-am-hang Hello Community, hope someone can help me, please... I want to make a fixed text section so I can scroll down the pictures on left and text on the right is fixed. Is there any CSS Code to fix that on several pages https://mika.squarespace.com/projekt-am-hang PW: mika
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