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  1. Doesn't that require me adding in the static script resource url instead though?
  2. Is there a way to call javascript which will only effect the live page, not when it's in the editor?
  3. I have made a collection and set it's ordering "ordering" : "user-orderable", Now this seems to look like it would work in the ss editor. You can click and drag the posts around, but it doesn't actually change the order. Am I missing anything else in the templates to make the order change? I don't see anything further in the docs about this. Thank you
  4. I missed a very simple step like I thought so. If anyone else is running into this issue, remember to actually add the less file name to your template.conf array 🤦‍♂️ "stylesheets" : [ "base.less" ]
  5. I'm learning the developer platform. Went through the guide of cloning the site, and pushing some initial commits of base.less to get some styles going. Very basic stuff. I then went to install the squarespace-server to work on things locally, and it all runs fine - no errors, but my code in /styles/base.less don't get compiled into /local-assets/site.css Is this intentionally? Am I missing something in the guide? I have also tried compiling it myself but this also doesnt work. Any advice on this would be great, thanks
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