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  1. Well I think I've figured a work around that gets the search bar in the right place and working correctly for the Five template. I'm not great at coding so if there's a better way to do this I'll take suggestions! <script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load(function(){ $(".search-block").insertAfter($("#main-navigation")); }); </script>
  2. Hi Silvabokis, I've tried to implement the code above into the Five template but it doesnt seem to work. I've fiddled with the code and got it displaying in the correct place... <script type="text/javascript"> $( init ); function init() { $("#main-navigation > ul > li:nth-last-child(1) a").replaceWith($(".search-block")); } </script> However now the search box doesnt work. If I strip back the code to #main-navigation the search works but this replaces the entire navigation. <script type="text/javascript"> $( init ); function init() { $("#main-navigation").re
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