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  1. Hi sorry to double up on replies but with the text overlay CSS I have added, the links no longer click through on the mobile version, could you please advise on this? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Tuanphan, I have made a gallery below on the homepage, replicating the 'team' which does achieve the two columns in mobile. Would you be able to advise code on how I could replicate the two lines and differing font of the team images above? I have added <span> to the image descriptions but would ideally like to have the two lines of different colours and fonts.
  3. Hi Tuanphan, I have now added more team members and as a result the code no longer reflects the layout. Could you please advise new code for both the 'team' tab and the homepage so that all team members are in two columns? (password: MP123) Thanks so much
  4. Hey Tuanphan, Have sent you a message adding you as contributor and have left the code in to show the issue. Let me know if you need anything else 🙂 Thanks again
  5. Hey Tuanphan, Have done that but it is still off. The captions are still cropped out of certain images and image size (some have change the original scale and some are really small) is now a bit all over the place.
  6. Hey Tuanphan, Thanks for that. The captions are now too high and cropped out of the picture frame and it hasn't seemed to work properly for the 'team' on the homepage? If it is too much don't worry I can revert back to how it was but would be good to have it all cleaned up 🙂 Thanks again!
  7. Amazing thanks so much for your help. Finally would you be able to do the same thing for the homepage, so that the productions and team are in two columns as well? Really appreciate it!
  8. Hey Tuanphan, Great thanks for that. It has fixed the portrait images but the square ones are still in a single column below them. Is there any way of fixing this? Thanks again for your help!
  9. Amazing Tuanphan thank you so much. I think due to the difference in image sizing its made the mobile version slightly uneven now. Ideally I would have the formation so that it has two on every line. The bottom 4 images are all even sizes so that should be easier but if you were able to recommend code that ensures there are two images on each line that would be great! Thanks, Billy
  10. Site URL: https://www.monumentalpictures.co.uk/team Hi there, I am looking to have two columns on the mobile version for the attached URL. Please advise 🙂
  11. Hi @bangkank36, i am having the same issue for https://giraffe-fife-xnsh.squarespace.com/ The code doesn't seem to change anything is there a chance that other code could be overriding and preventing it from working? Thanks
  12. Hey Bangkank, It works but very inconsistently? Sometimes i will open the page and it will skip the transition or only work for some of the photos. Is there a chance other code might be off setting it or do you think its fine? Cheers,
  13. Site URL: https://giraffe-fife-xnsh.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I had initially applied this code to slow the slideshow transition speed. It was working fine but recently no longer works: .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow-item-img{ transition: opacity 1600ms ease-in-out !important; -webkit-transition: opacity 1600ms ease-in-out !important; -ms-transition: opacity 1600ms ease-in-out !important; -moz-transition: opacity 1600ms ease-in-out !important; -o-transition: opacity 1600ms ease-in-out !important; } //.gallery-fullscreen-slideshow[data-transition="fade"] .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow-item[data-active="true"] .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow-item-src{ transition: opacity 1400ms ease-in-out !important; -webkit-transition: opacity 1400ms ease-in-out !important; -ms-transition: opacity 1400ms ease-in-out !important; -moz-transition: opacity 1400ms ease-in-out !important; -o-transition: opacity 1400ms ease-in-out !important; } Could anyone please advise on what the error might be? Thanks
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