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  1. Site URL: http://www.intuitive-awakenings.com Hi! I need help, I'm just not good with technical things anymore! So, I have a website through GoDaddy (did the whole bundle deal - Microsoft email, phone, etc...) -- Basically, I want to transfer my content (my site, my domain, everything) to Squarespace. My subscription with them ends in a week, and I would like to get all my stuff going on Squarespace before it ends on GoDaddy so I don't have to renew anything with them (I don't care if there's a "down" period in my website, that's fine). How do I transfer everything? Is there a simple way of doing it? How do I transfer my domain to keep my same website address, everything? And once it's transferred to Squarespace, I have a really stupid question (I don't understand how all this works, I have minimal knowledge, so please bear with me) - I have an email address I set up through GoDaddy (through a Microsoft subscription they signed me up for in signing up for them), and I want to continue to have that same email address.... Do I still have that email if I get a different Microsoft 365 account? I'm confused as to how that works. Any and all help appreciated GREATLY! I just wanna get rid of GoDaddy and start revamping my site with Squarespace. Thank you all SO much.
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