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  1. Thanks so much, G - really appreciate your help! I straightened out the verification by removing the two URLs that were showing not verified and resubmitting https://robstrucking.net for verification. Success! I have now connected the Rob's Trucking analytics account to the google console. Then I manually requested reindexing of each URL in the site (only about 10). I do notice that the Rob's Trucking contact page now is on page three of the google search. The home page has dropped off results entirely. Perhaps changes I made to page titles are at the core of the search visibi
  2. Site URL: https://robstrucking.net Hello! Google console indicates that my URLs robstrucking.net and robs-trucking.com are not verified - yet my hosting provider - Squarespace.com insists that they are. The current rankings for my URLs are very low, 5th page - which doesn't make much sense. I've completed every support forum suggestion/documentation instruction I have found from both Squarespace and Google Console. To be honest, Squarespace support hasn't been that helpful. Clearly something isn't configured correctly. I have experience building sites and
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