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  1. i figured it out myself!!! i dont know javascript so im patting myself on the back right now haha. <script> window.customCartDrawer = { onUpdateFunction: function(drawer, data) { $(document).ready(function(){ $('a').each(function(){ this.href = this.href.replace('/saved/p/', '/labels/'); }); }); } } </script> this is what i used and it worked 🙂
  2. @creedon so sorry to be a bother again, you have been so much help, so i was thinking because i need to do this to multiple links it would be fastest if i could replace the middle part of a link because the end parts of will be the same, that way i dont have to manually do this for every link. (i dont want anyone ever going to the product pages) for example: https://idmdiscovery.com/saved/p/analogical-force ---> https://idmdiscovery.com/labels/analogical-force would there be a way to replace saved/p with labels (for every single instance a link with saved/p appears on m
  3. Site URL: https://idmdiscovery.com password idm. Hey! so i need some script that can redirect links to another link, for instance i want to change all the links in my cart so that they link to blog posts. I was using this code: <script> $( ( ) => { /* map cart item title urls */ const urlMappings = { '/saved/p/analogical-force' : '/labels/analogical-force' /* last or only item doesn't get a comma */ } const urlError = '/x'; /* page to go to in case a url mapping isn't found */ // do not change a
  4. Im using the add to cart button as a way for people to save my blog posts, here is a blog post where i have set the button up https://www.idmdiscovery.com/labels/analogical-force password: idm i changed the add to cart text to save "favourite". when you click on the button it then says "added" but then it goes back to the original text with no indication to the user that its been clicked, i would like for it to stay saying "added" once someone clicks on it (adds to cart) or turn a different colour once its been clicked on, how would i go about doing this? thanks so much.
  5. I'm having issues too, I thought it was just me, but the search is basically useless. i have hundreds of blogs and pages so i need a working search.
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