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  1. I didn't, I removed the item from the homepage because it looked so bad.
  2. Site URL: https://grahamgreenphotography.com/ When I try adding a product to my homepage I get a massive image which takes up the entire page. It looks terrible (as you can see from the attached screenshot), I can't imagine anyone wanting an image of that size. I've not been able to find a way to control the size of the image, the only control available is to turn image display on/off. Can anyone suggest a workaround/solution for this? Thanks in advance
  3. This works for me, how do I make the navigation arrows white, the black ones are hard to see in my use case.
  4. That is all achievable with the addition of file management, with a hybrid of "traditional" file management and the current method of handling files. It adds complexity in terms of the systems that manage the files, but really only when a file is modified. A process would need to watch for modification of the source file, which would the kick off the same systems that currently does the image resizing when an image is uploaded.
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