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  1. Site URL: http://https/thesporting.blog Does anyone know if it's possible to move the 'burger menu' from the bottom, to the top of the page on the Tudor template? On mobile. The menu is obscured by display ads which is kind of not great UX.
  2. Site URL: http://https/thesporting.blog So I am wondering if anyone else has heard whether Squarespace are going to look into addressing speed and load issues ahead of the May update from Google. I'm certainly worried myself about how to get the site loading quicker, having stripped out pretty much everything and worked hard to optimise all images etc. Although Squarespace claims that Google's speed tests are punitive and not accurate, the core web vitals will be judged as such so its kind of irrelevant what any other site or speed test says. I have about 180 pages of 500 that are deemed 'Poor' yet at the moment they rank well. Come May, will these rankings drop off in favour of other sites that are built better? I feel its something that the webchat dance around and are asked to avoid discussing with us, so how do I get Squarespace to admit this will be an issue. I'm still running 7.0 and have cleaned up the site as much as I can without it becoming just text and no UX at all. Anyone else have concerns/suggestions for how to get this addressed?
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