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  1. No, the current display on the desktop version looks just how I want it. It is not a manner of changing the order on the desktop view so that on mobile view it works. currently I have: 1 -2 -3 4-5-6 in desktop view and that's ok, that's how I want it. But in mobile I get: 1 4 2 5 3 6 I've tried multiple variations on that post you quoted but haven't been able to achieve the desired result. My CSS knowledge is very basic.
  2. Sorry to tag you @tuanphan but you helped me in the past with some CSS and was wondering if you could take a look at this. I tried some code found on different post but couldn't get it to work on this website. Sorry again for tagging you directly, but I'm kinda desperate for some help here.
  3. I'm still struggling with this issue. Can someone assist?
  4. Site URL: https://yosyvelasquez.com Hi I've been trying different CSS codes found in the forum but have not been able to change the order of some block when doing mobile view. This is the normal view on the browser, I'd like to have it order when in mobile so that when you scroll down it reads 1 2 3 and so on. On mobile view however it shows 1 3 2 5 3 6 Can someone help me getting the blocks ordered when in mobile view? the website is https://yosyvelasquez.com password is yosydesign2021
  5. Thank you so much! That worked perfectly. You can close this post. That's all I needed.
  6. I managed to figure it out, well kinda, still need some help. After try some stuff with the code I found what I needed to target and came up with this: footer#footer-sections [href*="wa.me"] { visibility: hidden; } footer#footer-sections [href*="wa.me"]:before { visibility: visible; content: "\f232"; font-family: FontAwesome; } However when doing this, for some weird reason the icon end up misaligned: tried a few other CSS options to try and bring it to alignment but I just couldn't. Not sure what I might be missing.
  7. That was awesome, sorry to bother you once more, I swear this is the last thing. I tried doing it myself but couldn't figure how to do the same but for the link icon on the footer so that it will show the whatsapp icon there as well.
  8. Hi @tuanphan thanks for replying. I've added the code block with the code you mentioned.
  9. Site URL: https://geeknproud.com Hi can someone help me change the link icon on my header... and basically on my social links so that it will show the Whatsapp icon instead? My site is geeknproud.com is currently public so it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks in advance.
  10. I still need help with this @tuanphan Is there something you can suggest, please?
  11. Yes, not sure what I did or what changed but it seems to be working now. Thanks. I still need help in this other post, if you have the chance to check it out it'd appreciate it.
  12. I have change it to public right now as it is pretty much ready. All I'm missing is the whatsapp icon in my social link. I currently show the link icon.
  13. Site URL: https://geeknproud.com Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of an issue with my site. I'm looking to share my links in social media, on my FB page to be more specific, from news I'll post in my site. While testing it I noticed that it doesn't show the preview as this: Instead I'm getting this in FB: At the time of testing my site was set to public so FB should have access to it without issues. Any ideas why this is happening?
  14. Site URL: https://geeknproud.com Hi, I'm new here, just starting my site and I was looking to add the whatsapp link in my social links on the header and footer but it seems it is not possible as it shows a chain icon instead of whatsapp. Any way for me to add the icon? I had found these two images for the icons which matches the theme of my site. One of the images might not be visible as it is a white outline and the forum background makes it disappear but it is there below the black icon. Can someone help me edit the CSS to include this? I'm using a personal plan and the site is https://geeknproud.com password is 202101
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