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  1. Edit update: my advice only applies to SS 7.0 😬 @TooManySusans - the small icons are already included in your Squarespace design options. ShareThis is a free plug-in not related to Squarespace. I suggest you play around with these: Design > Site Styles > [type "Share Buttons" in Search Bar] SS also provides support here, as the specifics might depend on your template, version (7.0 v 7.1) or site style. Give it a read through. Also, you can checkmark the social icons you wish to include in your SS share buttons: Marketing > Share Buttons
  2. Site URL: https://the-movementexplorer.com/blog/2020/12/25/25-work-from-home-laptop-ideas-to-help-your-back-body For the sake of page load speed, I've been reading about ffmpeg & Handbrake. Anyone prefer one vs the other? I'm Trying To: convert original .mp4s --> .gifs OR convert .gifs --> .mp4s --> embed onto SS Blog Posts via either YouTube/Vimeo reduce file size to under 500KB (per file) if possible retain some semblance of color & image quality (that's close to the original) upload a kabajillion "gifs" aka .mp4 animated videos to my SS Blog (i know - that page load time is gonna be crazy if these files aren't reduced in size) Any suggestions or feedback about your experience with ffmpeg or Handbrake? Thanks!
  3. Thank you. Tried 2x and the CSS worked perfectly on the 2nd try! 🙂
  4. Hey. My site is: https://the-movementexplorer.com/blog . The ShareThis CSS was easy to install (except I have yet to fix the look on my Blog Archive page). Actually, no. I will try that. I've been copy & pasting my text from Google Docs into SS Blog - it messes up the line spacing. I've also heard that it's a good idea to Ctrl+Shift+V text into SS Blog Posts, but I choose not to do so because it takes away links, italicization, or bolded text.
  5. Word - being unable to autosave blog posts is terrible! That in addition to blog post line spacing being wack AF in SS. Not sure if this has been addressed already (in this thread or other). I just injected ShareThis buttons onto blog post pages, but it also shows up on the Blog Archive page (ugh). Any CSS solutions on removing it from Blog Archive? Thanks all.
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