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  1. ** SOLVED ** Whoops, I'm a dummy - it was as simple as adjusting the line height in the font style box. blargh
  2. Site URL: https://montanayogatherapy.com/newsletter/sign-up?fbclid=IwAR3ijAIuAWSwT-jcUKLdZyRlHoRsb4z8UBJktNnbj2ByAlptd8geIHL6KAw Hello, When I view this cover page in various browsers and screens the newsletter signup text overlaps on mobile screens and larger monitor screens. What could be causing this?
  3. Site URL: https://cyan-gold-cmmp.squarespace.com/river-floating I'm using the image gallery block to display a video popup on the bottom of the homepage. Is there any way to make the image gallery thumbnail to appear bigger on mobile? All other devices seem to look fine. www.clarkforkyachtclub.com
  4. Shoot, below is the updated domain https://the-nurse-on-wheels-trialmode.squarespace.com/ pw hero1
  5. Site URL: https://nurse-on-wheels.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hello there! I am struggling with how to target summary block items. I have a blog summary on the homepage that on desktop i want to have 6 columns (or 3...haven't decided fully on this yet). I would like the summary block blog items to maintain three columns on tablet viewing. Additionally I would also like the summary items to not be so large on mobile viewing so that it's easy for people to scroll. I'm not sure if it's possible to make them 3 columns on tablet so smaller stacked items would be fine. Thank you! https://nurse-on-wheels.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css pw hero1
  6. @tuanphan Hi there! Referencing the website below...would I need to add code for each separate block? Or is there a way to target everything all at once? If you notice on web or tablet view, each photo should have text below it. On mobile, it stacks the photos on top of each other and then the text is below all of the photos. Thank you! https://zaleski-yoga-therapy-trial.squarespace.com/ pass: essential
  7. @bangank36 I'm just looking to change the centered logo so that when you hover over it another image with the text "HOME" would appear. Subtly train people to learn that we can click on the logo to get home 🙂
  8. Site URL: https://zaleski-yoga-therapy-trial.squarespace.com/ Hello! Is there any way to add the hover feature to a logo in the header? I have created an image that has the text "HOME", and the goal is when you hover over the logo "HOME" appears. Any thoughts? "HOME" text image url: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/60c248ea2c167713fcbbae51/1626447325783-5E17T63QZGC3MY7AC19Y/HOME.png Website: https://zaleski-yoga-therapy-trial.squarespace.com/ pw: essential Thank you!!!!!! xoxo
  9. @paul2009 Might you know how to do this to this Brine site? I tried the previously mentioned CSS and it wasn't effective. https://zaleski-yoga-therapy-trial.squarespace.com/ pw: essential I would like it so that if there are more than one word in the navigation, they would wrap centered. Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://reindeer-denim-d826.squarespace.com/ Hello! I have set up the gallery in the native settings for a "split" screen view. However, on other pages I would like to use a carousel gallery style. Is this possible through code? https://reindeer-denim-d826.squarespace.com/ PW = bananas
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