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  1. hello! plugin does not accomplish the function i am currently looking for: display infinite blog posts instead of twenty post per page
  2. hello @tuanphan, thanks for sharing; apart from animating the on scroll, can this plugin add an infinite scroll to the blog page? i am looking for a way to eliminate the default page navigation and instead have a single infinite page loading all the blog posts. the blog site is https://camilokoch.com/blog. thanks!
  3. worked like a charm! thanks @tuanphan
  4. @raeroshow hello! thanks to the help of @tuanphan, i am summarizing what to add and where in order to change the color of the header in the search page: 1. in code injection header add the following and replace #1c1c1c for the color required: <style> .t-search header#header { background: #1c1c1c !important; } </style> 2. in code injection footer add the following: <script> if (document.location.pathname.indexOf("/search") == 0) { document.querySelector('body').classList.add('t-search') } </script> 3. additionally, you may need to change th
  5. @tuanphan thanks again for your kind help. the code was added but no changes so far; please check it out whenever you can all the best
  6. hello @tuanphan, can you help me check on how to make the drop down width be set to auto with the text size? thank you site: www.camilokoch.com
  7. hi @tuanphan, inserted it but not working. please help me check it out, thank you! https://camilokoch.com/search?q=hello
  8. correct; I need to change the /search page and the /cart page from "white minimal" to "dark minimal" and I don't know how to do that. the /search page is not editable; same situation for the /cart page. both pages remain with "white minimal" color selection due to its "default" state. the new visual "site styles" editor recently added to squarespace is not available on these two pages either. the website is on a business plan and this situation is unresolved too. thanks @tuanphan
  9. hello @tuanphan, i haven't been able to solve this. do you have any advice?
  10. this may content a hint: https://github.com/brianjcarroll/infinitescroll
  11. thanks, @tuanphan, that's correct, this issue requires custom code for the cart page style. the detailed description is here: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/179205-search-page-theme-selection/?do=findComment&comment=430497. please let me know if more details are required. i appreciate your help, thanks.
  12. may we invoke the precious help of @tuanphan thanks!
  13. hi @tuanphan, i hope you enjoyed the time off thank you; this is still unsolved and i will appreciate your help, if possible
  14. hello @tuanphan, did I clarified it well? thanks again for your kind help
  15. thank you, @tuanphan as the attachments show, the whole website utilizes the "dark minimal" theme, and the search page utilizes the "white minimal" theme. the issue is that the search page does not allow me to directly change the theme when clicking the "edit" button on top (as shown in the third attachment). my question is then: is there a way to force the search page by code to utilize the "dark minimal" theme? thanks again.
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