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  1. It appears on my site elsewhere in 500. For example, my general h1 is set to 500 font weight.
  2. @bangank36 now that I'm looking at the inspector it seems like font weight 400 is taking priority over 500 even though I've added the !important rule. Any ideas how to fix this?
  3. @bangank36 This is what shows up for me when I visit the site in incognito. The font weight is what seems to be the issue.
  4. @bangank36 My CSS is as follows: /* newsletter pop up header font */ .sqs-slide-container[data-slide-type="popup-overlay"].overlay-alignment-center .sqs-slide-layer-content .group-copy { text-align: left !important; font-weight:500 !important; color:#D478AD !important; }
  5. Site URL: https://plums-violin-8xhb.squarespace.com/ password "supple" I used some CSS to customize the newsletter pop up text. It's appearing as I'd like it to be in the Squarespace editor, but when I visit the live site the font changes. I attached how it's showing up in the editor. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all! I thought I had to use microdata tags as well and was losing my mind trying to correct the errors by hand. However, I then set up my catalog through bulk upload with a scheduled feed. In Squarespace, go to Marketing > Facebook Pixel & Ads, and copy that URL. Use that as the data source. Everything uploaded for me nice and neat, no more errors! These are the articles that sparked my revelation: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001257067 https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002041068
  7. @sinjinhilaski @BCB @jonhan After many trials and tribulations, contacting both Facebook and Squarespace support, I finally came across this article that fixed everything for me: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001257067 Use bulk upload to set a scheduled feed. Then under Instagram and Pixel settings in Squarespace, there are URLs provided to use. I believe you can stick with the Instagram link unless you're looking to enable dynamic ads with Pixel. This has automated everything for me nicely - my product variants are now all settled under one group ID, etc
  8. Hopefully this is helpful even though it's a late response. Just came across this post because I'm experiencing some issues as well. This article might be helpful to you in figuring out which tags are required and which are optional: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/catalog/reference/#og-tags
  9. I'm not actively working on this site anymore. But if you have any more insight that would be welcome!
  10. Thanks for the reply- I'm actually trying to replace the text options (ex: Monday, Tuesday, etc.) with images. Do you know of a way to do this? Thanks!
  11. Hi! shopsisea.com/mega-shop. Looking to change "BY SISEA" to be at the top of the image instead of the bottom. (This page is where my mega menu is set up)
  12. Don't have a site to share, just brainstorming for a potential client. Using Cacao template. Is it possible to implement a Radio form that has images as options rather than text? Thanks
  13. Using Marta template. Looking to place the caption of an inline image block above the image instead of below. Cannot find the answer for the life of me! I've been experimenting with flex property with no luck yet. Thanks.
  14. Wondering if this is possible in Squarespace: http://jsfiddle.net/edelman/QDb2c/ Unsure how to target specific words. I'm using the Marta template. Thanks!
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