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  1. Looks useful. Could do with a responsive table though to work on mobile (scrolling the table left and right)
  2. The issue of finding an alternative to targeting a YUI for a block is discussed herehttps://answers.squarespace.com/questions/40316/is-something-strange-happening-to-the-way-yuixxxx-are-being-generated
  3. Yes, see this examplehttp://squarefront.com/addons/add-font-icons-to-a-squarespace-button-block
  4. Squarespace have reengineered the Search Block and there's a way to put it in the header/top level navigation using the dedicated search page yourwebsite.com/search and add a link page with that search address to your top level navigation. Credit to @SquarespaceGuru for this tip, check out write up which explains it better and subscribe to his newsletter, Squarespace Updates the Search Block and Squarespace: Using the Search Block. Note: If you have an old Search Block you may need to delete it and add a new Search Block to get it to work.
  5. See this http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/14357/add-form-upload-image-field
  6. You've misread the question I think (or it's been changed!)
  7. Using some sort of form - either the Squarespace one or an external one eg Formstack plugging into Squarespace it should be possible I think. I've not done it personally but there would be a way I think. Formstack definitely works with Squarespace My guess is the Squarespace form itself doesn't do this but I've not checked Don't expect to easily integrate it with Squarespace commerce though.
  8. I've added this feature request to my consolidated wish list for summary block version 3 http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/41593/can-we-have-these-features-in-summary-block-version-3
  9. I second this. Not for every scenario but for top of the page headline use on blogs it would be useful.
  10. From a ux perspective , is it a good idea to use this sort of thing? I can envisage some users not knowing its clickable.
  11. Given there is now the ability to copy a webpage, presumably one answer to this question about editing live webpages is: copy / duplicate the page the page to be edited, making the copy page not live edit the copy page, copy the old page URL, make the revised copy page live with the changes you've made, delete the old page swap the new URL for the old URL http://blog.squarespace.com/blog/new-feature-roundup-page-duplication-and-more This to me would seem an acceptable workaround, do you agree?
  12. for this reason I think the editor needs to allow the user to select blocks to have colors. Not everything is black and white.
  13. Not all templates have sidebars unfortunately. Squarespace could provide this, vote here: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/1638/can-each-template-have-two-sidebars
  14. Problem with this Jason I assume is it only works for new pages, not when editing an existing page. Let's say you are editing an existing homepage , you can't put an old copy of the page up, because there is no copy feature. That means you need to either redirect the users to a temporary landing homepage or worse still recreate your homepage every time. None are ideal
  15. Hi, could you post the site so I can take a look at what you've done? Thanks
  16. Can each Block in the layout engine have its own background colour? This would be a big way to customize the look of the templates. This has been discussed various times on here but I don’t think I’ve seen a definitive simple answer – in particular there’s been a lot of discussion across various threads that block IDs YUI seem to change so targeting a block ID with color doesn’t seem to work permanently. Colored blocks are pretty standard now on major websites as a way of structuring different types of content. See the examples below:
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