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  1. Thank you sir – that worked absolutely perfectly for Q1, can't tell you how long I searched for an answer for that – thanks once again! Q2 – I haven't managed to find a solution yet....I've managed to get a custom colouration for all links, but being able to have for instance: PROJECT 01 – (red on hover) PROJECT 02 – (green on hover) etc.... So yeah – any ideas you might have for that would genuinely be much appreciated sir. Thanks a bunch, S
  2. Site URL: https://tomato-tuba-tjpr.squarespace.com/landing-test-01 Hey there all, I've been using squarespace for a while but have a challenging task right now. Few things I would love some help with! On my collections page I am wondering if it is possible on hover of a project link, to have the other project links fade out slightly. I have tried multiple attempts at CSS and custom code to no avail. On the same collections page, when hovering over a project link I am looking to give each link it's own distinctive & individual highlight colour...I am able to give a hover colour across the board for all links on site, but not an individual colour link highlight. My site is: https://tomato-tuba-tjpr.squarespace.com/landing-test-01 PW: logintest Thanks so much for your guys help, much appreciated as always =)
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