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  1. Hello. My website is polaritycode.com. I'm using some custom code for the purple buttons on my website. According to Squarespace Support, the custom code is causing the slight spacing issue where the spacing between the 1st & 2nd albums is different than the spacing between the 2nd & 3rd albums. See attached image. Do you know how to fix this so the spacing between the 2nd & 3rd albums matches the spacing between the 1st & 2nd albums? Thank you!
  2. Any update on this? It still doesn't appear to be working on mobile for me. Thank you.
  3. Thanks! That seemed to have solved the issue on desktop, but I'm still seeing the issue on mobile. I tried clearing the cache for Safari on my phone and also disabled "Block Pop-ups" in the Safari settings, but it's still not working. Any idea why?
  4. Any other thoughts on this? It still doesn't appear to be working.
  5. Very strange. It doesn't work for me on desktop for Chrome or Safari. It also doesn't work on my iPhone. But it does work when I go to incognito mode on Chrome (desktop). Any idea why this is? [I also had a few others try it and it wasn't working for them either.]
  6. Site URL: https://www.polaritycode.com/ Hello. The five pop-ups on my site used to work, but are no longer working. For an example, go to polaritycode.com and try clicking on the "With Unbound Spirit - Credits" button. This used to generate a pop-up that would show the user more information about the song, but it no longer appears to be working. Can anyone help me figure out why? Thanks!
  7. This doesn't center the button. I want to center the entire button. The text is already centered within the button and is fine as is. Any additional thoughts on how to do this?
  8. Yes, I figured that part out. But I still haven't figured out how to center the "With Unbound Spirit" button per my follow up question above. Do you know the answer to this? Thank you.
  9. See attached. It's the button titled "With Unbound Spirit..." - thank you!
  10. Thank you! That worked! One other question. I have a button on my website that uses custom code to open a pop-up when someone clicks on it. How do I center the button? Code snippet below. <!--To modify button, go to CSS--> <style> .featherlight-content { color: #000; } </style> <span style="color:#000;"> <div style="display:none;"> <!--<div style="font-family:Alternate Gothic No3 D; font-size:large"; id="with-unbound-spirit">--> <div id="with-unbound-spirit"> <p class="a"><b><u>WITH UNBOUND SPIRIT - RELEASE DATE</u></b></p> February 25, 2022<br><br> <p class="a"><b><u>WITH UNBOUND SPIRIT - CREDITS</u></b></p> <b>Composition:</b> Saral Navlakha<br> </div> </div> <body> <a href="#" class="button button1" data-featherlight="#with-unbound-spirit">Song Title</a> </body>
  11. Site URL: https://www.polaritycode.com/ I'm using FontAwesome on my website for social media icons. Is it possible to left justify the icons instead of centering them?
  12. I'm using this too on my website: https://www.polaritycode.com/ My question: Is it possible to update the code so that the icons are left justified (not centered)?
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