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  1. Still occuring for me but I have found a way around it! I work on a 16" MacBook Pro connected to a second screen, with a separate keyboard and Wacom. I can work as usual, however if I need to save anything, I need to use the MacBook trackpad as a separate "mouse" to save it.
  2. Hello! I've used the above code and it's worked perfectly for my website. It doesnt fit so well on mobile - I have found the below coding but this is for desktop only How would I go about hiding this on mobile only? .homepage a#site-title { visibility: hidden; }
  3. So glad I found this thread - thought I was going mad! I can make edits in existing websites I have, but I'm working on a new one and the changes just won't save. Saw your comment about the Wacom tablet, so I've tried to update the drivers and it quits on me at 99%... I've disconnected the tablet and now all working fine! Going to give live chat a try, see how I get on. If I have any updates I'll report back!
  4. Site URL: https://www.automatedcontrolsuk.com After many issues with cpanel and connecting the domain, we have decided to create a new domain and re-direct it to the current one (www.automatedcontrolsuk.com) The new domain (www.automatedcontrols.uk.com) links up fine, however the current one comes up with the below message: Domain Not Claimed This domain has been mapped to Squarespace, but it has not yet been claimed by a website. If this is your domain, claim it in the Domains tab of your Website Manager. How do I go about claiming this? The reason we created a new domain was because cpanel wouldn't connect up properly and they were quite unhelpful when it came to contacting them to rectify this. It was a better solution to just create a new one and redirect it but now that doesn't work. Feels like we're going round in circles with this domain!
  5. Thanks Paul - I've had a look and only one CNAME appears in the list - the verify.squarespace.com one, so I'm unable to edit any existing ext-cust CNAMEs as they're not showing up my side... Is there a way to solve this?
  6. Hi Annabel, Sounds exactly like the same issue I'm having! I'm on another thread at the moment with @paul2009 which you are able to find here. My A records also do not appear but if it says they're successful, then I'm happy. It's just that www CNAME record...been trying for nearly 2 weeks now!
  7. Thanks so much Paul. This is the error that appears when I add in the second CNAME... If you need more information, please let me know.
  8. We have a member area set up where approved users can order online with us. At the moment, if anyone has access to the URL, they are able to sign up to the Member Area, but we need to make sure only our approved users can sign up (members of a franchise business) We don't want to ask our users for a subscription as it's free to use for those franchisees only, so wondered if there was a way to password protect the Member Area? Alternatively, we could edit the website url to be more of a complex url so it cannot be accessed by anyone random?
  9. A client has a domain that's managed via cpanel and we're struggling to get the DNS settings to connect properly. I have followed all the how-tos online and everything else is perfect, however it's refusing to connect to the ext-cust.squarespace.com because the cpanel won't accept www as the host name. All A settings have gone through fine, along with the first CNAME - it's just this one that we cannot connect. Does anyone have any experience or solutions for this? Thank you πŸ™‚
  10. Hello! Sorry to jump on - currently having the same issues with cpanel! Client has their email and domain with cpanel, and it's proving very difficult to connect the domain up - the DNS settings just aren't connecting! Transferring to SS may not be an option for them as their email is hosted with cpanel too. Are there any alternatives?
  11. Site URL: https://www.printhuddle.com We are looking to implement some software from Print Huddle to integrate with our current website, and wondered if anyone has had experience with this in the past? It would involve using a custom code injection with javascript - where users can edit text/images in the Print Huddle software, linked with the product ID (for example - flyers) I have further information on the full process, which I am happy to pass on, is this something that can be achieved by someone with minimal development experience (like myself) or would need a developer to do this?
  12. Amazing, thank you so much! It has worked - it has a white border around it but I quite like how it looks so I'm happy to keep it. Thanks so much for your help!
  13. That icon is just an image, we have a system already set up where files are uploaded after checkout ☺️ The rest is just standard text/image, I just can't seem to work out how to change the background colour. I feel like this is the area Squarespace may need to improve on next!
  14. Hello! Yes, it will be exactly the same information for each product - nothing will change.
  15. Site URL: https://asparagus-pepper-wa4b.squarespace.com I'm looking to achieve the attached image in the product pages in the 'Additional Information' section. I have tried out a couple of css codes found on here but unfortunately it's not something that works on my website. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!! πŸ˜€ (Password is 123456)
  16. Oh wow, this is great! Is the plug-in quite straightforward to use? It would need to have links to each dog for sure, but we won't need to worry about images, otherwise we'd have hundreds of dogs! (not particularly a bad thing!!) πŸ˜‚
  17. @tuanphanYes eventually, have been meaning to take this post down but been so busy it slipped my mind! Thank you πŸ™‚
  18. Site URL: https://www.absolutecp.co.uk Hello! We have been using self-hosted PDF flipbooks for a while now, uploaded directly to the host & ftp and a link is generated to view the PDF flipbook. However since we moved over to Squarespace, our flipbook links no longer work. I have enquired with the people our hosting is with and he came back with the following response: Has anyone had a similar experience with theirs and if so, how did you resolve it?
  19. Hi Stephanie, You can find this under the 'Edit Site Header' option at the top when you go into Edit mode. Under Elements there's a button 'Cart' that will just need switching on πŸ™‚
  20. Site URL: https://www.absolutecp.co.uk Hello! I've just created an e-commerce side to the website I'm working on, but when it gets to the shopping cart section, the header at the top disappears. It's because the site header has been set to transparent for the whole website - but as Squarespace doesn't let you edit it directly, I know it's going to need code. All I need to do is add a purple strip at the top so the white part of the logo shows up (in #a22986) Is this something anyone can help with?
  21. Thanks for getting back to me - at the moment no. The client has put a hold on the website so it's something I'm hoping to revisit next month but still no solution!
  22. lh-design-07

    0% VAT

    Has anyone made any progress on this? I'm 95% of the way there with an e-commerce website I've been working on for months, and this is one of the final hurdles! We sell printing, and in the UK, certain products are zero VAT rated. I've seen the work-around by selecting these as products, however it won't be able to be delivered physically? I've raised a feature request like everyone else, but we need this website functioning by the end of the month - it will take some miracle for SS to fix this in the next few days! 😞
  23. Would also be interested in a fix to this - happy with the logo to stay where it is, but as we've had to use a white .png version as the site logo, (top line of logo in white, bottom line in grey) it only shows the bottom line...!
  24. You are quite literally my favourite person haha, thank you so much!! 😁
  25. Site URL: https://www.absolutecp.co.uk We'd like to centralise the 'Get a Quote' button on the homepage of our mobile website (screenshot attached) I've tried a few codes I've found on the forums but none of them are working - is there a certain code I need to use? Thank you! πŸ™‚
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