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  1. My website is currently has a transparent header with a white & grey logo across the website (the backgrounds make the logo visible) Since the paywall update, my paywall site now makes the logo half-invisible (screenshot attached) Is there a way to get a solid colour header back?
  2. Hi Ziggy, It's in a text block, set to H1 - as a quick fix for now I'll add it in as a JPEG as client wants it uploaded today, but if there is a way to add this in as text, that would be great! Not too keen on sharing the website publicly but if you do need it, please feel free to message me.
  3. I have a website at the moment where all the headers are automatically capitalised, however one of the headers the client has requested to be two different sizes. For example, the header will say CLIENT NAME | AvK - with the 'v' in either lower case or a smaller typeface. Is this possible to change? I don't want to turn off the capitalisation as it will affect all other pages, I'm thinking the only other way to resolve this is to add the title in as a JPEG?
  4. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it 🙂 Is there a way to get the buttons just transparent with white text and the white border like I had before? Been fiddling with the colour settings but it doesn't have this functionality.
  5. Sorry, it asked for the URL in the form but didn't realise it didn't feature in the post! It's www.spinebookprinting.squarespace.com
  6. (Password spine123) Hello! I've got a summary block at the bottom of the home page and I'd like to make them all different colours (pink, yellow and blue) like in the screenshot attached. Is there some coding that could be inserted to achieve this? I created the ones above but I don't like how they clash when they go to mobile so would much rather use a pre-set layout to avoid this. Thank you!
  7. Oh my goodness, I knew it would be something as minor as this... Thank you SO much, you're a star!!
  8. Hello! Am I completely missing the obvious on this? I've followed the step by step given by Squarespace to add in anchor links and it's just not working. (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/207135178) If you click on "Electrical Motors" in bold in the card on the homepage (screenshot attached) it should take you to the correct part of the website, but I get the error page each time. Website is https://mke-engineering-group.squarespace.com, password is mke123 Thank you! This has been driving me mad for the best part of 2 hours!
  9. Website: www.creativegifts.squarespace.com Password: cg123 Hello! I'm currently in the stages of creating a new website for a client, however the images are not centred up when it converts to mobile. They all right-align instead of being centred (not too bad on the Squarespace mobile view however on an iPhone 13, they are worse) I've seen a few have trouble with this too, but used all those codes I could find and nothing works. Can anyone help? Thank you ☺️
  10. Thank you Paul - super helpful! It will all be running under the same brand, so store pages and checkouts remain the same. The client is starting a wedding stationery business and has 15 x collections. Each collection has 8 - 9 different products so each collection would be a separate shop. We wanted to avoid using the category option to avoid having every single item pop up at the same time.
  11. Hi everyone, hope you can help! A client has requested a new e-commerce website with multiple stores - is this possible and what is the maximum amount of stores that can be added to one website?
  12. Unfortunately this doesn't work but thank you for the suggestion - I am considering a re-design of the couple of the pages so I'll avoid using transparencies with drop shadows as much as I can!
  13. https://spinebookprinting.squarespace.com Password: spine123 It's on the landing page, if you scroll down to "The Hardback" - it's the image to the right.
  14. Has anyone had a similar issue when they've uploaded a transparent PNG? I'm getting lines in all of the drop shadow (example attached) that doesn't appear when the image has been exported from InDesign/Illustrator.
  15. This works great but it places it on all pages - is there a way to have it just on the Access Denied page?
  16. Just the header colour - the nav is in white, as is part of the logo, which is why it's not visible.
  17. Hi Tuan! Thank you - it's this link below https://www.absolutecp.co.uk/kaspas The issue I have is I can add a header via the system page, but it also affects all system pages - I only need it to affect this one page.
  18. We have a member area, however the Access Denied screen is missing the header. Due to the styling of the overall website, the header is transparent, which of course applies to the Access Denied screen. Is there a way to get this back, just on this page?
  19. Hello! I have a website with a member area, specifically for a certain client and they would like their logo on this Access Denied page. Is there any way to get an image on here? I've changed the background but they're really keen on getting the logo on there too.
  20. We have two e-commerce stores, one public and one private in a member area. The public store offers either a flat rate delivery fee, or pickup from store. We would like to offer those accessing the member area to have two different delivery fees (5 working days and 1 working day) and to remove the pick up option. Is this possible, or are any changes we apply to shipping universal across the platform? Thank you!
  21. Hello! I have a member area but instead of having a Member Area Join button, we need to have one that just says "Log In" that directs the user to the attached screenshot below. Members are being manually signed up by the marketing department and supplied with their own log in details so ideally the window needs to show the Log In only, rather than confuse the users by asking them to sign up. I can create a normal button rather than the Member Area button however I can't link it to bring up the Log In only window, only the Join Member Area window. The page is currently public and not locked under any Member Area restrictions if anyone needs the URL (www.absolutecp.co.uk/kaspas-login) It currently directs to the Access Denied page, but I want to avoid using these as this needs to be personalised with a different logo etc and this is not possible on the system pages (as far as I know!)
  22. Hello! I have a similar issue with mine however on the Member Area pages only. A website I have currently has two stores - one that everyone can access and the other that only those subscribed to member areas can access. The "public" shop has the purple header however the "member area" shop does not. How can I add this in? (www.absolutecp.co.uk) Thank you
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