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  1. Hello! Just wondered if anyone had a solution to this at all?
  2. https://highlanders-42nd.squarespace.com (Bear with me on how it looks right now, only started it yesterday!) Thank you
  3. Hello! I'm trying to recreate the below image - a 5px border around a section that has an image as a background. I currently use the below CSS when I need a padded border on a white background section[data-section-id="URL HERE"] { border: 5px solid #ffffff; margin: 50px; } However when I use this code on a section with an background image, I end up with a 50px white border. How can I adjust my code to reflect this?
  4. Hello! I have a contact form that currently sends to the client with duplicate text at a really small size? It's like the entire email is copied but in a really small font and I can't seem to get rid of it. I've deleted the contact form block entirely, created a new one and we still have the same issue. Image attached, highlighted in red.
  5. Hello I'm currently using CSS to make the background of a markdown blue, however I don't want to apply this to all the markdowns on the website, just certain ones. I'm using the below but it affects all boxes: I need to target a specific one on the page with a block id, is there a way to do this?
  6. I've recently gone live with an e-commerce website for my client and they would like to use TradeTracker as an affiliate programme. From recent research, I can't seem to find anything online - does anyone have experience with this? https://tradetracker.com/gb/
  7. Amazing, thank you so much!! Works perfectly 😀🌟
  8. I have some add-ons on a product (work in progress) however I want to make them appear below the 'Add to Cart' button. I already have some code for the price to sit with the 'Add to Cart' button, how can I get the 2 x add-ons underneath this? https://www.spinebookprinting.co.uk/shop/p/the-a4-hardback Thank you! 🌟
  9. Hello! I have some add-ons on a product (work in progress) however I want to make them appear below the 'Add to Cart' button. I already have some code for the price to sit with the 'Add to Cart' button, how can I get the 2 x add-ons underneath this? https://www.spinebookprinting.co.uk/shop/p/the-a4-hardback Thank you! 🌟
  10. Thank you, works a charm! (Getting stressed over this one, had 3+ weeks to make any changes and decides to want them all done on Day 2 of going live) Thanks so much, appreciate it!
  11. It's synced from Adobe Typekit - they no longer allow you to download the fonts themselves (worst idea ever) otherwise it would work fantastically. I'm not keen on purchasing the actual fonts, will cost me £80... eek
  12. I followed some instructions online, I didn't have it before and it worked perfectly - for the last 2 weeks! Went live Tuesday, and then suddenly Wednesday it was gone. How can I implement the @font-face rule?
  13. Hi everyone My client wants the product price showing in a certain way both at checkout and on the product page. https://www.porta-bowl.co.uk/shop/p/porta-bowl I've had to set the product price to £20.82 so it shows the price at checkout with VAT added to become £24.99. I've used the following code, which gives me the result of the screenshot This is exactly how we need it, however how can I make the £24.99 (RRP) font size bigger, and then have the £20.82 + VAT underneath?
  14. Hello! Recently had a website go live (www.porta-bowl.co.uk) but in the last 24 hours or so, the custom font I had installed has stopped working. I've taken a look myself, removed some code/troubleshooted but can't get to the bottom of it. Has anyone had the same issue?
  15. I've taken out the code, it seems to be messing with my custom font (from Adobe Typekit) - I've removed it but the font hasn't gone back to the way it was and I have a random serif font on my buttons?
  16. Incredible, thank you - solved instantly! I didn't think superscript would affect it so much haha, thanks so much! I originally had the code injection in the footer but it's now viewable on the page. I've moved it to the header instead but it's briefly visible when you load the page - is there any way to hide this?
  17. Apologies, I added the website URL in the form but it hasn't shown! It's www.porta-bowl.co.uk, home page right at the bottom. I also have another on the product page (only one product) - both have stopped working.
  18. Hello! I've just gone live on a website to find the accordion blocks that were working perfectly before have now stopping working. Typical...! I don't suppose anyone else has the same issue? I don't think it's anything to do with going live, but client is keen for this to be fixed asap. Thank you!
  19. Hi Ziggy, Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry, I'm relatively new to markdowns/synatax - how would I use this to change my current code? I will be having 3 of these headers that will all scroll across so I'll need to apply the same to the white capitalised letters, too.
  20. Hello! I've seen several threads about the same topic but none of the codes seem to work for me, no matter how I adjust them. How can I get the text in my markdown boxes to view smaller on mobile only? (Please excuse current state of landing page/everything else - I only began the build this afternoon!) http://abmv.squarespace.com/?password=abmv123 Thanks so much, you guys are always super helpful!
  21. Thanks Melody - it's for a Member Area but this page is accessible to all It's https://www.absolutecp.co.uk/kaspas I believe I had some code on there that someone else on the SS forum helped me out with but it's no longer functioning.
  22. Where do we stand in terms of GDPR and uploading email lists? My client has a new website, they never did email campaigns before but are considering it for the future. They're happy for me to put a "sign up to our newsletter" on the website so it can start collecting emails, however: They currently have a list of 7000+ email addresses of current clients/previous clients that won't have signed up for these and want to know where they stand with uploading this list too? Understanding that they didn't sign up for it themselves. Any clarification on this would be fantastic - thank you.
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