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  1. @neeklamy ok, so that css button wasnt working, so i added in a jpg background:url('http://static.squarespace.com/static/51ca14b0e4b014f2c6e0c3d8/t/52323f1de4b0c34b2a143a98/1379024669667/arrow%20small.jpg') no-repeat; and it doesnt seem to be showing. The link loads by itself though, but its not showing behind the text.
  2. @neeklamy (I made this into an arrow shape (from some css site) however I cant get my text to center over it. Here is what i added to make the triangle: width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 80px solid transparent; border-right: 80px solid transparent; border-bottom: 80px solid #0076a9;
  3. @neeklamy thank you for that. Is there a way to turn off the text hover for this box only? The box shows correctly, but my text will only show when you hover over the box. I'm not sure how to fix that. http://jeffreydowellphotography.com/blog/
  4. @neeklamy is there a way to not use a button image, and to just add text inside this box? Can it be added to the page code header script?
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