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  1. yes that's it. just hide it, without removing the portfolio item k
  2. hi tuanphan and, as always, thanks so much for the help. as part of the above adjustment, i am now wondering how i might hide the back button for "Fracas" from the performance practice page but not remove the item from the portfolio. see attached image. so when someone clicks performance practice on the portfolio cover page it goes to a single page of text. hope i am making it clear?! thanks again Kathleen https://koi-brass-wxnc.squarespace.com/ password is Callahan100%
  3. hey thanks we're not on a premium plan though. is there a different way to do this? and I just want to do this on the performance section, not site-wide. k
  4. https://koi-brass-wxnc.squarespace.com/ password is Callahan100%
  5. yes. fixed this - thanks so much tuanphan. i have another tricky problem with the performance portfolio section of the Chartier site (screenshot attached). I want to turn off the portfolio pages for all but the last title ("performance practice"). so the waterfall effect of images on the portfolio cover page would remain on hover, but clicking on the titles wouldn't take you anywhere (ie there would be no click-through to a page EXCEPT for the last title which would click through to a page). can you help me find a solution for this? https://koi-brass-wxnc.squarespace.com/ Callahan100% section: Performance cheers k
  6. Site URL: https://parsnip-aqua-4gk3.squarespace.com/performance is there a way to reduce the very generous padding at the top and the bottom of this portfolio gallery (by at least half)? I've attached a screenshot. many thanks for any suggestions Kathleen
  7. hey tuanphan, that works but now when i adjust the size of the desktop screen, the following happens (see screenshot). is there anyway to just get rid of that ugly beige completely across all screen sizes (i don't see it on mobile, just when i adjust my desktop screen size) ?
  8. hey there and thanks the leftover colour at the bottom of the tablet view you pointed out. see image. it's the beige at the very bottom of the page.
  9. thanks so much. and how would i fix the footer for tablet? also, could the page code that changes the colour on the header also change the footer? e.g. <style> footer#footer{ background-color: green !importants; } </style>
  10. sorry i misunderstood your first question. yes, would be great to hide the mobile hamburger for the time being. thanks again tuanphan!
  11. tablet-footer i would like to fix. the menu isn't ready yet - only the home page has gone public so far. thanks, tuanphan! k ps i have another question about the chartier site above. should i start a new thread or can i hit you with it here? you are awesome!
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