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  1. Thank you @KristineNeilStudio really appreciate your help. I love the simplicity of the Acuity class view, worth considering! Do you know if it integrates well with Email Campaigns? For example can I easily email just the participants of one class after the live workshop with a replay link? Sorry I'm bombarding you with questions 🙂
  2. Thank you @KristineNeilStudio! I am planning to run up to 4 per month and allow access for 2 months so I would end up with up to 8 member areas. Is there a limit how many I can keep open at any one time?
  3. Hey 🙂 I'm planning to start selling online workshops (Zoom) and I'm researching the best way to do this. I am currently on Commerce basic plan so I can create paywalled pages , courses, membership sites etc. I am confused by the options and could do with some clarity what will work best in my situations. I need a simple way to store a link to the forthcoming Zoom class + Downloadable PDF worksheets. (This could be emailed after purchase) After the live class I need to store the link to the workshop recording for say 60 days. After the time limit the recording will be deleted/access denied. Is anyone else doing something similar? What is the best way to build this? Using a the course option sounds like an over kill. Would a simple memberships site with a one off payment be the solution? Or a paywalled page?? What's the real difference here? Or is there an even easier way? Thanks in advance for any clarity on this 🙂
  4. I sell workshops and want to set an automatic reminder email with the date/ venue location etc to my customers who are booked on the class. Some people book months in advance and some just a few days before the event, so it is impossible to schedule the emails as x days after the purchase date. This could be achieved if Squarespace offered filters for customers who bought specific products (currently it's just filtered by amount spend ..) Is there a workaround?
  5. Also essential to me! please, please add this feature soon!
  6. I sell in-person workshops. I want to email the participants a few days before the workshop with a reminder and details for the event. Is there a way to easily do that and not email each person individually? (I have email campaigns.) It would be amazing if I could automate this! Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
  7. I'm looking for a way to keep my list of services organised. I sell calligraphy workshops through my site and list them as services; once the event has passed I remove that date from my pages however I'd like to be able to archive that product from my "back office" as well. I may be missing an obvious solution, but I can't seem to filter the events by past / future or fulfilled/unfulfilled. So I end up with an annoying jumble of past and future events that will only get longer with time.. Is there a way to archive past events (services) from my back office in Squarespace? Thanks
  8. Thank you so much! Once the email template is changed though would that mean that customers ordering physical orders AND people booking on my workshop will get the same type email? Can i have separate templates for services and for physical products? Skipping that email for the workshops would certainly help though, thanks; I just want to make sure I understand how it all works.
  9. Hey everyone, newbie to the forum here :)) I sell my face to face workshops on SQ and I enter them as Services in the selling options. I want to start marking the past workshops as fulfilled, however this seems to trigger an auto email, the wording of which only makes sense for physical products (the email says 'your order has shipped"..). Obviously this makes no sense for my customers but I can't figure out a way to edit the email template specifically for fulfillment. My question is can the order fulfilled email be customised for services? Or if not, can i disable this email when marking a service as fulfilled? Thanks in advance!
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