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  1. Okey, yes than 3 items/row if possible. thank you again!
  2. Yes, i got it on my own, this Time. 🙂 thank you, but now i have a question again. I normally used 6 symbols, now i use 9 symbols and the structure isn good, like the attached pic. I try it again, maybe it works again, but can you look whats the problem with the Code? Only on mobile display. Site: https://www.finanzenverstehen.at/assetklassen-1 Thank you!
  3. Hey @tuanphan i noticed a problem, on android smartphones, do you know what the problem is? Look at the attached Pic. On iOS Devices the size is absolute perfect but on android it isn´t. Thank you, again!
  4. Thank you very much!!!! You are an absolutely nice guy! Greetings from cold and snowy Austria.
  5. Ok i think i did it. I dragged the images 4, 5 , 6 below the other ones and they took the width of it. Thx.
  6. Hello @tuanphan you helped me but i need more help.... i would like to change our homepage with symbols so user can get easily to our sites, but i have a problem, the symbols are to big for mobile view, so i tried your codes, and they work. But only the first symbol reacts to the changed width the other ones doesn´t I would like to have 2 symbols in a row on the mobile view like the picture of the desktop view attached. I am not a coder, so i tried my best. can you help me please? Site: finanzenverstehen.at/startseite-1 Pw: test1234 Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
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