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  1. Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously tiny the slideshow section is? Is squarespace glitching?
  2. Hi there, Anyone know how to add a "Home" pagination on the first project page to go back to the home/portfolio page? Currently there's no label and it's inconsistent with the other ages where it says "Previous" and "Next" or the names of the projects before and after the current. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there! I'm using the bar chart block for the first time and it looks great on desktop but when I checked on mobile, everything is excessively simplified... Is there any solution for this through custom CSS? Or is this something I should reach out to Squarespace support about? Thanks in advance!
  4. Having the same issue with images looking blurry on mobile but perfectly fine on desktop. Any update/fixes?
  5. Squarespace needs to fix this asap
  6. I have this issue too! I made sure my images were at least 1500–2500px wide but it's pretty much blurry on mobile. Please help!!
  7. Hi Tuan, I've just sent an email about this issue and shared my website and site pw with you. Thanks!
  8. Hi, can someone please help me with the display issue for slideshows? The image doesn't get any larger than the screenshot attached. There's a ridiculous amount of padding all around and it can't be reduced through the editor. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey @charlestonnikki they shared this with me: Add to Design > Custom CSS /* gallery padding */ .gallery-grid.gallery-grid--layout-grid { padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; }
  10. How do I remove this unnecessary padding above and below an image gallery section? Please make this a customizable option in the editor. The amount of padding looks silly and it's troublesome to have to create custom code for every single gallery block, especially if some of them will have varying numbers. Please help! Thanks!
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