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  1. I finally found a code specifically for the link color and it worked 🙂 here it is - Change hover/link color in a paragraph a { color: #fc8002; &:hover, &:visited, &:active { color: #ACEDFF; } } https://www.j-and-m.org/squarespacehelpfulcsscodes
  2. Do you have code to fix the Body Link Color? I'm using Wells 7.0. The Body Link Color is super light grey. I need it to be black but every time I use the Site Wide - Body Link Color menu button, pick a new color, it refuses to do so. It also doesn't allow me to change the background color, which isn't of concern to me but it's also super light grey/white so the links in the body of my text are pretty much impossible to see.
  3. Site URL: http://www.robinholder.work/aboutrobinholder Hello, My client is using Wells and it's working great for 99% of her needs but there's one major flaw - the Body Link Color refuses to change and you simply cannot see the links because they nearly match the background. I've tried many times to change it and it stays light grey no matter what. Is there some way to fix this???
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