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  1. Yes, I actually tried with a code block with no success
  2. Site URL: https://www.saas-day.com/ Hello everyone! I am currently struggling a bit with a countdown embedded script that just won't show on the page. I am currently using a Harris template from the York family and I would like to have a solution that does not imply to switch off Ajax loading. Here's the code: <center> <h2 id="timer"></h2> </center> <script> var countDownDate = new Date("Mar 11, 2021 09:00:00").getTime();var x = setInterval(function() {var now = new Date().getTime();var distance = countDownDate - now;var da
  3. Ehi Tuanphan, sorry for the delayed answer, anyway we're gonna implement it on a Squarespace 7.0 version and the code seems to fill the whole vw, I'll give you an heads up if I get any issue about that later on, thank you both for your availability!
  4. Hi Bangank! Thank you for your answer! I just adapted the CSS as you suggested but as soon as I injected it, the only change I was able to see was that the left-sided content moved to the center while the background size hasn't changed. Again, really appreciate your support on this!
  5. Site URL: https://mypersonaltestingwebsite.squarespace.com/agenda Hello everyone, Currently trying out some custom coding and I am having some width-related issues as the image in the background should cover the whole background and not only the code section as you can see on the page: https://mypersonaltestingwebsite.squarespace.com/agenda Can anyone tell me how to have a full width code section with 0 padding top/bottom visualisation of this timeline? Thanks a lot for your patience! Looking forward for your answer!
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