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  1. Hi, I managed to fix the issue. It was within some code I added in CSS. Thanks for your response but it is fixed now. sorry I was experimenting with different fixes and had changed the page order.
  2. Sorry, I was experimenting with different ideas. The direct link is: https://georgianbaysurfclub.squarespace.com/home PW:gbsc
  3. https://georgianbaysurfclub.squarespace.com/ PW: GBSC Hi, I am struggling with removing the colour overlay on my Auto Layouts Section, which is "Simple" . I have changed every overlay option to transparent but noting effects this section. The text in the attached screen grab should be a clear blue but seems to have a beige overlay. The button text lets go!, should be white. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. https://georgianbaysurfclub.squarespace.com/ PW: GBSC Hi, I am struggling with Left alignment of button text. I have an auto layout and want the button text aligned left. It uses my primary button and I have tried the below CSS but it does not do anything. #siteWrapper.site-wrapper .sqs-button-element--primary { text-align: left !important; } Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Creedon, initially I had thought it was a clever bit of coding but yes its just a slide show...I never stayed on the image long enough to realize! So I implemented the same thing and yes when I scroll up and down it appears to have different images. Obvious now! and thank you very much for taking time to have a look! much appreciated! https://georgianbaysurfclub.squarespace.com/apparel-1
  6. Hi, I have seen on several sites the ability to change the image when you scroll down and up for instance the top image on a page that when you scroll down and then back up to the top has changed. Here is an example:https://chubbysjamaican.com Thanks in advance!
  7. This post is written as a constructive rant, not a criticism. I am a loyal Squarespace web designer and stand by its capabilities. But now and again I'm dumbfounded by things that really should not be roadblocks in delivering industry-standard websites. I live in Canada and Squarespace and Square do not have the same working relationship as they do in the USA. I live in Ontario where a majority of stores and restaurants in my area all use the Square POS system. During Covid one of my clients wanted to move their store online and that was when I first realized the incompatibility between the two providers. Unfortunately only after designing the online store in Squarespace which looked and worked great, realized it could not take a payment via Square. The only workaround was to have a link to a shop website in Square and add a link on the clients' logo in Square that returned to Squarespace. Not the best but it worked, unfortunately, the client had to pay for two websites. Years on I have a coffee shop with a small online store for coffee beans and merch. I believe by now there should be a solution. After lots of time Googling and watching videos I found the solution using Ecwid. Promising that this is the solution that will link seamlessly your square POS to to Squarespace website and for free. Great! a large sigh of relief and away I go designing an amazing slick website. I link my client's POS to Ecwid and then with code install a shop window into my Squarespace website. It's not all plain sailing, as a designer I use code in the Ecwid platform to make it look like it is part of Squarespace. Hours of work. All is going well until my client notices that certain product options have not been imported. Hours of research later I found that to Sync your inventory, you must have a paid service. Now all this is not obvious in Ecwid and the point of this post is so no one wastes any time going down this route. The cost is USD$490 a year on the Essentials plan, which is hidden, but if you don't find that could pay USD $990 on the Unlimited plan.! This is just crazy it's not spoken about up front and asking a small coffee shop to pay what will be more than the hosting of the Squarespace website just to take payments. So Ecwid is not a solution, don't waste your time thinking it is. I have to now go to my client and explain that my promise that Squarespace would deliver a better experience than the client's current Squareup website, and would be cheaper is not so. Unless your client is a purely online store then perhaps paying for the Ecwid service makes sense. But not for the majority of small store owners around Canada. And why should they pay a third party to make the connection, more complication to there already complicated business. I feel we need more support from Squarespace in Canada, for Canadian businesses. Yes, it is the best platform, but it is not good for business if it does not work with the Square POS. As a web designer, I need to be able to deliver websites that work efficiently for my clients. I am now at a stage where in Canada I am questioning whether I need to work with another platform.
  8. Thanks Ziggy. That stops it acting strangely but then I don't have the design I required. Perhaps it would be better trying with code , shame!
  9. Hi, I am really happy with the section divider when I see it on desktop view but for some reason Squarespace is flipping it both horizontally and vertically when it goes to the mobile view. There are no options to disable this and absolutely no reason why it should do this, must be a design flaw. For some it may be a creative gimmick but if like me I am using it as a brand element it is a real pain! Can anyone suggest some code that may stop this from happening? First screen grab is correct, second is the wrong divider on mobile. The website is live, and address is 'imscnc.ca' Thanks in advance. Trevor
  10. I have been testing email campaigns and setting it up for my client. The emails .csv files were incorrect so I had to delete the mailing lists. I have found the profiles are still there and need to be deleted, I want the account to be clean before I re-import all the correct lists. It seems you can't delete profiles? but that makes no sense, you must be able to otherwise why would anyone use this option. Can anyone help advise me?
  11. This gets even more frustrating. You can delete mailing lists and re-import them, stupid but ok. The problem is that it leaves persons information as a profile. Apart from unsubscribing each one manually there is no way of deleting the profiles. I have 960 profiles.... this is crazy!
  12. It seems the only way to edit you mailing list is to download the .csv file. edit it and re-import it. This is plain daft! I am just finding this out while setting things up for a client, it really embarrassing that I am going to have to explain this to them after convincing them Squarespace is the best option. Why offer this service without testing it first? it seems to be under developed.
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