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  1. Would that then change bold through the page/site? We are already using bold to highlight key words which can't be changed in colour.
  2. Site URL: https://clownfish-dogfish-37mk.squarespace.com/ The branding of the company is that they have one single red letter at the start of their headings or sentences. Does anyone know of a piece of coding that can allow me to change just one letter in a heading/paragraph/sentence?
  3. Hi Creedon. Thanks for the suggestion. The table isn't going to change much and when it does I can do this for them. Yes, any help on the HTML for the table would be great. Been so long since I did coding myself I'm way to rusty LOL. Cheers John
  4. Site URL: https://cyan-bison-c2b8.squarespace.com I'm currently finishing off a new design for a gym. They have a weekly programme of classes that don't change from week-to-week. So the calendar isn't a great way to show clients what is happening during the week. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to present a single Monday to Sunday timetable without it being a single image? Thanks
  5. Site URL: https://www.the-riddle.co.uk I'm creating an arts online public engagement project. The public come to a number of pages each of which has a text riddle like: What a river does – hidden at the start of low tide? We then present them with a hint option of: Need a hint? Highlight this box: [Rhymes with glow!] I'm looking for some css code which allows the user to hover over the area to reveal the hint. Can anyone help? Regards John
  6. Site URL: https://www.nocturndance.co.uk/ How do you gamify a website? We are starting to develop a public art experience which will link people back to a Squarespace website. We are very keen to include some gamification of the user experience. Has anyone got any examples of gamification on their site? Ideally looking for examples that didn’t require costly additional coding time. Thanks NOCTURN Team
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